Renewable / Generation

With the Government setting a target that 15% of the UK Energy needs shall be from Renewable sources by the year 2020, this has driven an increase in the number of Renewable energy and generation developments requiring a grid connection.

As part of our service portfolio, we are able to provide the following services to compliment our NERS accredited design service:

  • G83/G59 related POC applications.

  • Generation/Protection/Fault Studies

  • Substation Layouts

  • Scope Development

  • Protection & Control

  • Switchgear, Transformer and cabling specification and schedules

  • Plant Foundations

  • Substation Civil design

  • Drain Water Design

Typical renewable/generation sites including:

  • Wind Turbines / Wind Farms

  • Hydro Electric Generation

  • Solar Photo Voltaic (PV)

  • Diesel Generation (STOR)